The Integral Stoic Way of Life


Marcus Aurelius (121-180)

The Integral Stoic Way of Life is a fusion philosophy between ancient Stoicism and even more ancient scholarly Taoism. It is one of my most recent philosophical ideas and while I know it's daring to undertake such a task, I have set it for myself with the intention to help not only honest seekers of truth, but also all of you who are looking for a practical, no-nonsense, non-doctrinaire, non new-age, and hassle-free practical life philosophy that, when applied properly and without forcing anything, will lead you to a simple, productive, serviceable and happy life by developing understanding for your shortcomings, and compassion for those of others.

—Dr. Peter Fritz Walter

This is perhaps what you have been looking for all your life: a practical life philosophy. It is what I was looking for, but as I did not find it, I created it. Here it is: the Integral Stoic Way of Life.

Now, do not jump to quick conclusions, please! This philosophy is neither ancient Scholarly Taoism, nor ancient Scholarly Stoicism in their pure forms. I have been inspired by these philosophies, but none of them could fit my life in a way I felt meaningful and satisfying. Let me explain why.

Both Scholarly Taoism, the teaching of Master Hua-Ching Ni (OmNi), and Scholarly Stoicism have a pragmatic side, which is why I took interest in them in the first place. They promote no religious views, no dogmatism, and no spiritual hair-splitting.